Don't expect earth-shaking news, as my life is generally mundane. But for those who'd like to keep up . . . here's what's new with me.

My Latest News "flash"...
Check out my latest novel, co-authored with Julia S. Mandala ... Villains in Training! If you've ever wondered where the bad guys go to school, this humorout fantasy novel is for you. It's filled with evil sorcerers and mad scientists as they deal with the scholarly invasion of superheros, knights and princes. Plus the university's board of trustees are out to turn the students into mind-wiped drodent soldiers.

My latest novels are now available!  Look for my fantasy quest novel with dragons and a magic stone, "Tale of the Black Heart" published by The Fantasy Writers Asylum, an imprint of Yard Dog Press. Also available from Yard Dog is the latest in the Four Redheads of the Apocalypse series, "The Four Redheads: Wrath of Satan." Satan is out to change the game with a little murder in her plan. Also from The Fantasy Writers Asylum is a new world-hopper series, written with Julia S.; Mandala. In the first book, "Gateway to Corimar," five teenagers accidentally transport themsevles to the magical world of Corimar where their troubles are a lot more than trying to get home. The whole world is spinning out of balance and into chaos.

These new titles are also availlable on Amazon and Kindle. Find Tale of the Black Heart, Wrath of Satan and Gateway to Corimar here.

"Redheads in Love," a sequel in the Four Redheads of the Apocalypse series will be available from Yard Dog Press in February of 2012. The premise, if the gals can find a suitable husband, they can pass their jobs over to them. While it's a romantic comedy, Bunny's ways of seeking the perfect man to be War isn't exactly standard. And wait until you see who all she has competing for her hand, it's a veritable list of who's who in history and in acting.

I have a story coming out in "The Anthology from Hell" to be released by Yard Dog Press in February of 2012. The anthology contains stories based on some Hell cliche. My story, "Snowball's Chance in Hell" is about an artic hare named Snowball . . . looking for a warmer place for the winter.

The 4 Redheads in: Apocalypse Now! is now available from Yard Dog Press as well as from Baen Books as an E-book. It's the sequel to the chapbook. And for those who enjoy the new horsewomen, we're starting work on yet another novel, tenatively titled Redheads in Love that should be out early 2012.

And In Older News...

Esther Freisner's anthology, Fangs for the Mammories, is available in book stores. It contains humorous stories of vampires living in suburbia. My story deals with a vampire who's a model citizen and coffin model by day, only to find out a monster hunter has moved into the neighborhood.

I have zombie stories in these two anthologies: Through the Eyes of the Undead, available from Library of the Living Dead, and in Monster Mash, available from Pill Hill Press.

Strip Mauled
, the anthology edited by Esther Freisner came out in October, 2009. So find my werewolf in suburbia story there. My werewolf is looking for love among furry fandom. Hey, where better to find someone with a fur fetish?