Chris DonahueWedding photoHi.  I'm Chris Donahue: Electrical Engineer, Supervisor, former Navy Avionics Tech, Author, Gamer, history buff, brewer & vintner and husband to Linda Donahue.

I've lived in Texas for around thirty years, with previous years in Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania.  My mother lives in Toledo, Ohio and my sister and her three boys live in Adrian, Michigan.

I completed my Associates in Electronics in Detroit and moved to Texas in the late 70s where I worked for Texas Instruments in various Defense projects.  Not long after marrying Linda, I started back to school for my B.S.E.E. doing night school while working as a tech during the day.  Not a quick process, but after ten years (with a couple of gaps) I earned my E.E.  Currently, I'm a supervisor for Dallas Water Utilities in electronic/instrumentation maintenance.  I'm working with Linda's brother on a side project we hope to patent within the year.  Yes, there is a chance of striking it "less poor" and we could be rolling in thousands (insert maniacal laugh here and the sound of loose change bouncing on the floor).

Just to keep things from getting boring while working and going to school, I found an interesting opportunity called the Advanced Pay Grade (APG) program, unique to the Navy.  APG'ers are previous service military or have high-demand skills like construction or medical experience and have the chance to join the Navy without going through boot camp or basic skills training.  APG'ers already have the skills and have a record of reliably showing up for duty, so why spend thousands of dollars teaching them things they already know?  A good deal all-around.

Squadron VF-201 HuntersI went in as an Avionics Petty Officer and had a good time while serving my country.  I washed more than a few F-14s, did line diagnostics, bench testing, fire watches and all the other fun Navy stuff (even peeled the odd potato along the way).  Like a few of the other APG'ers working on our engineering degrees, I spent a lot of my annual two weeks active duty troubleshooting and repairing diagnostics benches at our off-site postings.  Fun stuff.  I had active duty in New Orleans (a rockin'-good time), Miramar (San Diego – before Top Gun was done away with), Charleston and aboard the U.S.S. Stennis.

Elder Signs PressThe main reason I'm on this site is to talk about the stories I've written and had published, the ones in-work and the ones still burrowing around inside my head looking for the right place to get onto paper.  I co-authored the story "Star of Istanbul" (in Elder Sign Press's "High Seas Cthulhu") with Linda.  This alternate history/Lovecraft short was one of my first sales not involving zombies.  Available at Elder Signs Press.

Yard Dog PressOther sales include two to Yard Dog Press: "Hickenstein" in "Flush Fiction" which is a flash piece and a Good Ol' Boy version of Frankenstein as well as "Luther's Lunchwagon" in "Houston, We've Got Bubbas" which finally answers that burning question: Why in the Hell do the aliens want to do anal probes on every luckless human they abduct?  "Lunchwagon" includes the horrors of disco-cannibals and a philosophical question on how gray, bug-eyed aliens might taste after proper smoking and basted in an appropriately modified sauce.  Linda has stories in each book, as well.  Check out all the books at Yard Dog Press.

From the Asylum BooksAnother anthology also containing one of Linda's stories (and one of her best–in my opinion) is From the Asylum Press's book "Loving the Undead - An Anthology of Romance . . Sort of".  My story is "Dinner Date", a Boy Meets Ghoul tale.  Available from From the Asylum Books.

Lulu PressPublished this year is "Speculative Realms" edited by Sasha Beattie and available through Lulu Press and Amazon.  The theme of the anthology is 'Where there's a will, there's a way'.  I'm batting cleanup in this anthology with the story "Children of Ba-Seku".  The story takes place early during Egypt's Upper Kingdom revolt against the Hyksos invaders (~1500 B.C.).  It pits Egyptian Prince Khamose, a solidly traditional Egyptian against his brother Prince Ahmose.  Ahmose wants to copy the bronze weapons, recurve bows and chariots of the technically superior Hyksos in order to drive them out of Egypt.  Khamose delves into dark Egyptian rites for a way to defeat the invaders without becoming just like them.  Available from Lulu Press.

Due out this year from Permuted Press is "Robots Beyond", a Sci-Fi anthology devoted to robots stories that push the envelope.  My story "The Cure" involves nanobots being used for a cancer treatment and (of course) zombies.  The editor says it is the creative, but totally necessary, use of a chainsaw that sold the story.  This anthology will be available from Permuted Press.

 I have a few other stories out looking for homes – many of these stories do not feature zombies.  I also have two novels and a few in various stages of work.  The novel market isn't very open to new names, so I've done some short stories to get out into the publishing world, get some 'cred' and just plain have some fun.

One of the more enjoyable side-benefits of being published (besides having a royalty check pay for your Grand-Slam Breakfast – but not quite the orange juice) is doing guest work at conventions.  Being on panels gets an author exposure and a chance to introduce your work to new people.  It also can open up whole new ideas from discussing topics with other writers or from insightful audience questions.

Sitting under grape arborOutside of the writing, I've been an avid gamer and history buff for most of my life.  I've been in play-by-mail wargames for over thirty years (from StarWeb, through StarMaster, Tribes of Crane, Global Supremacy, and currently in Continuum) as well as board gaming, miniatures (ground, naval, air and fantasy) and co-wrote a fun space battle system dubbed "Star Carnage".  Staff work at a couple of Dallas-area Origins and other gaming conventions was a treat as well.

In addition, I fought in heavy weapons in the Society for Creative Anachronisms (where I met Linda, a fencer) and gamed with the International Fantasy Gaming Society –sort of Live Action D&D adventures in parks and large farms.

Rounding out my Renaissance Good Ol' Boy resume, I dabble in brewing (dark, sweet and Belgian styles mostly), wine-making (from our backyard arbor, so the crop determines the type), meat smoking (nothing like a raspberry ale and fall-apart piece of brisket) as well as welding, fence-building and random bits of other projects to help out friends and family.

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