All About Me

Okay, we all went through a stage in life when "it was all about me." But as this is my bio page, I guess it really is all about me. Because I'm wordy (and will tell you more than you want to know) I've spead my biography across a few webpages.  

This first section is more "historical" in nature, covering my childhood and educational background.  Because I'm a writer, expect all sections to contain a few anecdotes.

My Life's Story

My Resume

This second section will contain more detailed accounts of particular escapades, schemes and events. Always, no matter the topic, I'll probably treat it lightly and with a sense of humor. What is life for if we can't find a way to either learn from it or laugh at it? Personally, I prefer the latter.

Operation: Re-Goat

Neighborhood Disasters

School PhotoMe with family plane and our dog9th Grade Drill TeamDiving off of Hawaii

Family & Friends:
My Mom's Site
Chris Donahue's Page
Julia S. Mandala