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Linda, who performs under the name Asrai, has been dancing since age 12.  She is a professional belly dancer and instructor in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  Her training includes studying with numerous teachers and attending numerous workshops with some of the best names in the industry, including Suhaila, Suzanna Del Vecchio, Amaya, Karen Barbie, Vashti, Hadia, Fahtiem, Sakti, Shareen el Safty, Tambra, and Meelea.

Asrai has also written  for Jareeda Magazine.  To find her articles, go to her author page and check out the publications under non-fiction.

Asrai first organized Ravenar to provide entertainment at local conventions.  Since the troupe's origins, Ravenar has performed at conventions in Memphis, Tulsa, Kansas City, Houston, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Boston, San Jose, and even outside the US in Toronto.  As well, Asrai has conducted workshops in many of those cities. Although Ravenar does traditional belly dancing, the troupe specializes in themed performances.   Ravenar frequently performs at local haflas and other belly dance venues in the DFW area.

Asrai does the choreography and instruction for Troupe Ghazala, another Dallas area belly dance troupe.  And her student, Amora, who also performs with Ravenar, can be seen dancing at the Couch Lounge in Richardson Texas.

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Belly dancing is more than an exercise. It's among the oldest forms of dancing. For me, dancing is all about intrepreting the music through movement. It should be a physical expression what the music awakens within the soul.


Asrai Samirah Amora Tahani

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Rakshanda Fathia Alnilam

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