About My  Modeling Gigs

Babes with Blades is a wonderful site done by my friend Stuart Jones.  As well, he took many of the photographs you'll see on this site.  As he once put it, Babes with Blades combines his two favorite things -- women and weapons -- which he calls a deadly combination.  What I appreciate most about Stuart's site is he doesn't just photograph young, slender, gorgeous women.  He photographs all ages and all sizes and all sorts of beauty.  Truly, beauty is in his eye and he beholds it everywhere. 

Crymson of Babes With Blades

ChapbooknovelBesides modeling for Babes with Blades, I'm one of the cover models for the Four Redheads of the Apocalypse chapbook and novel. Yes, that's me, wearing the helmet on the color cover. On the chapbook, I'm holding a champagne glass with a mushroom cloud rising over it. More and more I'm becoming recognized in local fandom as my character Bunny . . . the newest name in War.

Four Redheads of The Apocalypse Gallery
Evening Gown Gallery

In descriptive image, as well as by name, I'm the "model" for the character Linda Donohue (note the Tuckerized spelling of Donahue) in John Ringo's novel, "East of the Sun, West of the Moon."  I'd first met John at ConQuest in Kansas City. He'd told me then he was going to put me in one of his books, said that a number of his characters are based on people he knows. Then one day, I received an e-mail saying he'd put me in his book, that he didn't kill "me" off, and that my character had an actual character arc. So there "I" am, an engineer (because I minored in EE, majored in computer science) in one of John Ringo's novels. Two actually.  I received another e-mail from John, and one from his editor, saying my character is in the following book as well.

Though the masquerade stage isn't exactly a runway, I've done quite a bit of "masquerade modeling" and won a fair number of awards. My favorite award was for "Best Hall Costume" at a DragonCon several years ago. I didn't even realize there was a contest. Back then, don't know if it's still true, the staff wandered the convention, taking pictures and names of people in costumes. While watching the masquerade, my name was called to come on stage and receive my certificate and ribbon. Now there was a cool surprise.

I've been a costumer ever since I learned to sew.  As a kid I loved to play dress-up . Clearly, I still do.  I have an extensive collection of gowns, princess clothes, and vampire dresses . . . not to mention my SCA costumes and, of course, my belly dance outfits. Because Ravenar (my dance troupe) specializes in theme-shows for conventions, we have quite an array of outfits from fairies to vampires. But if you see me on the street, I'll probably be wearing jeans.

Ravenar's Galleries 

Princess Aura costume a princess costume costume from Wizards & Warriors kavhi from ElfquestMy character Bunny