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Linda L. Donahue"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."
Edgar Allan Poe

I love that quote.  It says so much about writers, eh?  With that in mind, I hope you find something of my own insane scribbling that appeals to you.  I love all genres and write in several.  Writing goes back to childhood, but that's probably true for a lot of writers.  I composed scripts for my dolls and wrote my own comics.  While a high school student, I wrote an essay that won third place in a contest sponsored by our local PBS station.  In the contest, we were to say who we'd like to see as historical characters on the program, "Meeting of Minds" and why.  Not only was I the only female winner, but I was also the only place-winner under thirty.   Later, while teaching high school, I wrote the second year computer science book for my students as none of those available at the time were at the level I was teaching.  As well, I designed the third year course.  At the time, it was the only CS III course to receive state accreditation.   So you could say I've always written something.

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I've spent 18 years educating people.  Now I'd like to entertain them.
 I'm not sure which is the higher calling.

Relax and ReadWith the amount of stress in the world today, the ability to relax and forget the world is very important on so many levels.  If my stories or my dancing can help you escape the moment, then I've done my job.  If that doesn't work, try some tai chi.

My 4 Horsewoman CharacterAbout the photo galleries.  The link above takes you to my author galleries containing a convention album, the 4 Redheads album and one called evening gowns. The last one came out as a funny way to let people know about my readings at conventions.  Once, I had a reading scheduled right before we were planning to go out on the town.  We had dinner reservations at a swanky place because some of my friends and I simply enjoy the full fine-dining experience.  So, due to time constraints, I attended my reading in a formal beaded gown.  I had a packed room.  It was very funn and gave me the idea for an advertising campaign.  After the idea came the photo shoot. The images in the "Evening Gown" Gallery are the result.  I uploaded several of the pictures I liked along with three finished "Reading Posters."  The excellent photography work was done by my friend, a very nice gentleman named Stuart Jones.  He is also the photographer and webmaster for his own site, Babes with Blades.  You'll find me there under the name Crymson.

Actually, wearing evening gowns at conventions was already part of the 4 Redheads of the Apocalypse shtick.  At least it is when all four of us are at the same convention.  We've done "formal autographings" as well as a "Four Redheads Press Panel" in which the audience participates. Although we hand out slips of paper with a press name, such as, "The Hades Herald" and a question to ask the new horsewomen, the audience is welcome to ask their own questions to which we reply in character.   Because War's character is the "ignorance is bliss" one of the four, adlibbing her comments is pretty easy.  My fellow redheads, Julia S. Mandala, Rhonda Eudaly-Simpson and Dusty Rainbolt have it harder.

You'll also notice my husband has a page up above.  One of our common interests is a love of reading . . . and of writing.  Check out what's he's published.

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