Linda L. Donahue is a writer, tai chi sifu (instructor), belly dancer and model for the internet site Babes with Blades.  In a past life, Linda Donahue taught high school math, computer science and aviation.  Now when she's not writing, attending conventions, or catering to the whims of rabbits, sugar gliders or the cat, she teaches tai chi and belly dance. Linda lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with her husband Chris, who is an engineer and who also writes.  

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Below are my five current "lives" from left to right: Linda the writer, the tai chi instructor, the belly dancer Asrai, Crymson for "Babes with Blades," and Bunny, the new War of the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse.  Although Bunny is a character I created for "The Four Redheads of the Apocalypse," since I'm also the cover model for her, I'm becoming more and more recognized in local fandom as Bunny.  Even without the helmet.

Author tai chi sifu belly dancerAsrai Crymson/Babes with Blades modelMy character Bunny
Photographs taken by Stuart Jones

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